Zero Bull WeedKiller (concentrate)
Zero Bull WeedKiller (concentrate)
Zero Bull WeedKiller (concentrate)

Zero Bull WeedKiller (concentrate)

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    • Non-Glyphosate (Roundup replacement)
    • 100X more powerful than other green herbicides (e.g., vinegar-acetic acid)
    • Non-selective - kills all weeds and unwanted grasses crazy fast (only apply on what you want to kill)
    • A gallon will treat up to 1,200sqft


    Certified safe for you, pets, kids, and the planet

    • No acids
    • Non-corrosive
    • Non-fuming
    • No VOCs
    • Non-flammable
    • Colorsafe
    • Non-DOT regulated
    • HMIS 000 (no hazard)
    • 100% biodegradable in 10 days


    Patented active ingredient used for over 16 years in hundreds of products worldwide to replace harsh acids


    1. Add 96oz water.
    2. Use included sprayer to saturate weeds and unwanted grasses.
    3. Best if applied on sunny day without rain or sprinklers expected within 12 hours.
    4. Starts working immediately - see results in minutes.