NPK and pH Soil Test Kit
NPK and pH Soil Test Kit
NPK and pH Soil Test Kit

NPK and pH Soil Test Kit

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The essential soil test kit for quick and easy DIY home analysis of your soil:
  • Contains (10) total tests: (4) for pH and (2) for each of N, P and K along with color coded test tubes

Why Do Soil Testing?

Just like you, plants need food (nutrients) for healthy growth. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash (N, P and K) are the major nutrients vital to plant growth.

How to Test your Soil?

Color-coding comparison chart and capsules make testing your soil fast and easy. Take a sample of soil, mix with water, transfer some of the solution to the color comparator, add powder from the color-coded capsule, shake, and compare the results to the chart.

When to Test your Soil?

Ten tests each for pH, N, P, and K allow you to check your soil throughout the growing season to adjust the fertilizers and amendments your plants need to be healthy. 

Key Soil Elements

N - Nitrogen

Nitrogen is key for producing green leaf/blade growth. A deficiency causes yellow leaves/blades and stunted growth. Careful, too much nitrogen can burn the plant and causes other problems.

P - Phosphorus

Phosphorous is the major constituent of plant genetics and seed development. A deficiency causes stunted growth and reduced resistance to disease.

K - Potash

Potash strengthens the plant by forming carbohydrates and promoting protein synthesis. It aids early growth, stem and root strength and hardiness. Leaves/blades may appear spotted, curled and dried out at the edges.

pH - Acidity / Alkalinity

The soil pH level controls how well plants utilize the nutrients available in your soil. More fertilizers and water can't help the plants if the roots can't absorb and use the nutrients. Different plants need different pH levels, for example, lawns generally need a pH of about 6.5.