dull, patchy lawn? The problem may be your soil

If your grass doesn't look lush and healthy, especially on slopes, and you have water pooling or running down the gutter, the problem is likely compacted, high pH soil from hardened mineral salts that block water, air, and nutrients from being absorbed.

how do i know if soil is the problem?

  • Do you have high pH alkaline soil? Optimal soil pH is 5.5 - 6.5.

  • Does your area not get a lot of rainfall? Rain is slightly acidic, which helps to naturally reduce the impact of alkalinity in soil if it rains frequently.

  • Do you have hard water like 85% of the US? If so, the same white scale that builds up on your shower head is clogging your soil (see red and orange areas on the map). Well water is typically hard.

  • A simple, inexpensive meter can tell you the soil pH and moisture penetration in your soil, and it's always a good idea to do a full soil test from time to time. A full test will tell you the macro and micro mineral needs of your soil as well as soil type, pH, and organic content.

    Your local USDA extension office will typically provide soil testing. Find your office by clicking here

How can exigrow Help?

ExiGrow™ solubilizes hardened minerals that clog your soil and block water, air, and nutrients that are essential for strong, healthy roots. 

The secret sauce is our proprietary active ingredient Syntech®, the world's only patented acid replacement technology. For over 16 years, Syntech® has been used in 100s of commercial products to replace harsh acids—it has the power of 0pH but is 100% safe and biodegradable in 10 days. The solution also includes natural wetting agents and surfactants that help to spread the solution and water through the blocked soil. 

Professional superintendents at world-class golf courses have been using the powerful solution since 2006, and now it’s available for you at home!