Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply exiGrow? 

Pour exiGrow super concentrate into a hose-end sprayer with a variable dosage dial (similar to the Ortho Dial ‘N Spray). You can fill the sprayer tank with concentrate or just pour in enough for the application if water doesn't mix in the tank with concentrate. Set the dosage dial to 1 tablespoon. For tank sprayers, mix concentrate at the rate of 1tbs (tablespoon) per gallon of water. Lightly spray on lawn and gardens (each ounce of concentrate should treat 500-1,000 sqft). Avoid applying during the heat of day. Immediately apply just water for about 1 minute or run a 1 minute sprinkler cycle over the treated area - long enough to soak the solution in but not dilute potency. Do two applications in consecutive weeks in the first month followed by about monthly applications during your growing season (when you’re still watering).

Do I still need to core aerate? 

Probably not, unless your soil is severely hardened due to heavy traffic. ExiGrow replaces and enhances core aeration in areas with alkaline soil. No more hours pushing a gigantic machine under the hot sun. Simply attach exiGrow to your hose and spray! 

 How long has exiGrow been used for soil treatment? 

Professional groundskeepers for PGA-level golf courses and major sports stadiums have been using the exiGrow solution since 2006 (our commercial version is called Eximo). In fact, the PGA-owned golf, Valhalla Golf Club, uses and recommends it in its groundskeeper training program. 

Will I still need to water and add fertilizer to my lawn? 

Not as much or as often! ExiGrow allows all the nutrients your grass needs to get down to the roots, maximizing the effects of water and fertilizer. 

Is exiGrow Safe? 

The patented all-natural solution is free of harmful chemicals, is 100% biodegradable in 10 days, and is certified safe for people, pets, the planet, and, of course, your plants by Cleangredients, Green Circle, and has an HMIS (Hazardous Material Identification System) rating of triple 0 (no hazard). 

If I use my own sprayer, what dosage setting do I use? 

You can pour exiGrow into any standard lawn and garden sprayer with adjustable dosage and set the dosage to 1oz per gallon depending on the condition of your soil. If you’re using a tank sprayer, you can pre-mix the concentrate in the tank at the dosage of 150:1. 

Is exiGrow safe for my food gardens? 

exiGrow is definitely safe for your lawn and food gardens. The ingredients are 27% Palm Methyl Esters, 5% Coconut Oil Fatty Acids, and 68% inert ingredients, which includes the patented technology we call Syntech. It is certified HMIS triple 0--no danger to health, flammability, or physical contact--and is 100% biodegradable within 10 days. Growers have been using the solution in agriculture since 2006. 

Is ExiGrow safe to use on St. Augustine grass? 

exiGrow is completely safe and effective for all plants trying to grow in alkaline soil blocked with hardened mineral salts, including grasses, crops, and trees. 

Do I still need to fertilize and use weed control?

You should continue to use weed control and fertilizers as usual; however, with regular use, exiGrow will boost the benefit of fertilizers by up to 70% and cut water usage by up to 40% because of the more porous, absorbent, and pH optimized soil. 

Have any third-party studies been performed? 

Absolutely! In addition to our hundreds of commercial customers vetting the solution, they have commissioned many studies for efficacy and safety.

How can I know if exiGrow will help me? 

ExiGrow is primarily intended for the majority of the country with alkaline soil and hard water, which continuously adds more mineral salts that harden in the soil with every watering. Generally, the solution is ideal for the conditions in the western half of the US, Florida, and areas with well water.

How does exiGrow work? 

The main active ingredient called Syntech is a patented natural acid replacement. The chemistry of how this loosens your soil is pretty basic. Hardened alkaline mineral salts compact your soil and block the water, air, and nutrients. exiGrow safely solubilizes these minerals making them available for uptake by the plants and opening up the soil. If you've ever made a volcano for your child's school project and poured vinegar over baking soda, you've seen a similar chemical reaction. 

Does exiGrow use hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or citric acid? 

No. Acids like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and citric acid will have a similar reaction with the alkalinity in your soil. However, at low pH, these acids will also kill your plants and are dangerous to you and your pets, and at higher pH, they won’t be effective. The exiGrow primary active ingredient is a patented acid replacement that has the power of 0pH but is 100% safe for you and your plants--even at the full concentrate. exiGrow also includes natural wetting agents and surfactants that help to spread the solution and water through the soil. Since 2006, growers and professional groundskeepers have been using the solution since nothing is more powerful and safe at dissolving hardened mineral salts blocking your soil. 

What golf courses use exiGrow? 

Some of the golf courses that have been using the commercial version, called Eximo, since about 2006, include: Riverside, Soldier Hollow, Wasatch, Promontory Ranch, Sleepy Hollow, South Mountain, Smyrna, Wildfire, Phoenixville, Rolling Hills, Overbrook, Seminole, The Legends, Valhalla, Haulalai, and Seminole. In fact, the PGA-owned Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky, also instructs superintendents of other golf courses to use Eximo as part of their golf course management program. 

How can so little exiGrow cover so much area? 

At the 1oz setting, each ounce of concentrate should cover up to 500 sqft (a 32oz bottle will treat up to 16,000 sqft). We recommend two applications in the first month in consecutive weeks followed by about monthly applications during your growing season as needed. 

When would I apply your product on tall fescue? Each time I fertilize? 

How much you should use depends on the condition of your soil, i.e., the extent of compaction due to the hardened minerals or clay. Generally, we recommend treating the soil at least once each month during your growing season. Your first application and/or during the driest period of summer, you may want to do a double dose. 

Are there third-party reviews anywhere? 

I googled you and nothing came up.The exiGrow solution has been used commercially since 2006 and has been available for home use for a couple years now. You should find information about the commercial version called Eximo. 

Does exiGrow replace the need to lime, and does it include a surfactant? 

exiGrow uses the same formulation as Eximo and can replace sulfur and other acid soil treatments. The solution is based on a patented acid replacement technology that gives you the low pH benefits without the dangerous effects, e.g., corrosiveness. Farmers use the solution around the base of their fruit trees in the orchard and other crops instead of sulphuric acid since the exiGrow solution won’t harm the plants. exiGrow also includes a natural wetting agent to help spread it and water and nutrients through the soil.