More Instructions

Lightly spray exiGrow on your lawn and garden areas to be treated. You may want to spray a bit more on particularly troubled areas, e.g., bare or patchy areas especially on slopes.

Immediately after wetting the surface, spray just water or run a 1-minute sprinkler cycle--just enough to rinse the exiGrow solution from the blades of grass and soak into the soil but not too much, which would dilute the potency. 

Try to apply during cool part of the day to avoid the solution evaporating before soaking in. It helps to run a short sprinkler cycle to wet the surface before doing an application.

How do I know if exiGrow is working?

It's a constant battle to mitigate the buildup of the hardened alkaline mineral salts in your soil. You should see improvement in color and coverage within 2-4 applications over 1-2 months. You can also monitor your soil pH. High pH interferes with the ability of your grass to benefit from essential nutrients. Regularly applying exiGrow will help lower pH so you can achieve the optimal level of about 6.5. 

You can use a common soil meter like the type we offer and which is commonly available at your local garden centers. Test your soil often in several locations. 

3-in-1 Soil Meter
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