Exigrow naturally-powerful soil conditioner

For a beautiful, healthy lawn, start with your soil

Each ounce of super concentrate treats up to 1,000sqft. The average size yard is about 5,000sqft. Plan to do about monthly applications during your growing season—the average yard will use about 32-64 fluid ounces each year.

Expect to see improvement in color and coverage within 2-4 applications over 1-2 months.

Professional groundskeepers for world-class golf courses, sports stadiums, and luxury resorts have been using the exiGrow technology since 2006. ExiGrow isn't another fertilizer. Water and fertilizers can't help your lawn if they can't be absorbed into hardened soil. ExiGrow gives your lawn healthy soil to grow in by breaking up hardened mineral salts and optimizing pH so your plant roots can absorb water, air, and nutrients and grow deep and sturdy. 

exiGrow is NOT LIKE ANY OTHER liquid aeration/soil conditioner. Other products are basically just like shampoo—the surfactants help water to penetrate the soil. ExiGrow also contains natural surfactants and wetting agents, but the active ingredient is our patented acid-replacement technology that DOES SO MUCH MORE: 


Increases absorption & percolation
Solubilizes and releases hardened mineral salts
Increases plant uptake of nutrients (esp. calcium locked in soil)
Optimizes soil pH (lawns prefer about 6.5pH)
Helps prevent snow mold and thatch


Use a standard hose-end sprayer to apply to your lawn & gardens 
Apply monthly during your growing season 


All-natural ingredients are certified safe for people, pets, plants, and the planet 
100% biodegradable in 10 days 


No messy mechanical aeration 
Boost effectiveness of fertilizers by up to 70% 
Use up to 40% less water 



27% Palm Methyl Esters 

5% Coconut Oil Fatty Acids 

68% Syntech and Other Inert Ingredients 

100% TOTAL


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