MakeS vinegar 100x more powerful

For 100s of uses

Lowers vinegar pH from 2 to 0 without any of the dangers of traditional acids

Vinegar Power Booster
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Vinegar is such a versatile, useful product because of its low pH—about 2.4. Zero Bull Booster lowers the pH to 0 - increasing the power by over 100X.


The patented acid-replacement technology gives Booster the power of 0pH but without any of the dangers of harsh acids.


Vinegar is cheaper than expensive cleaners, and save time because of increased power.


Just add 2 ounces of Booster for every 7 ounces of household vinegar and 7 ounces of water.

DIY WeedKiller

Add Booster to household vinegar recipes to make a 100X more powerful weedkiller - takes pH from 2 to 0 - to kill faster, better.

Multiply & Save: Turn 1 gallon of household vinegar into 2 gallons of weedkiller or 1 gallon of 20% industrial vinegar into 10 gallons of weedkiller.


100s of uses where low pH is a key factor in effectiveness:

  • Grease, grime, dirt
  • Soap scum on showers & tubs
  • Toilets
  • Hardwood & laminate floors
  • Drain clogs
  • Deodorize stinky towels & shoes

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