The truSpring Family

Home Office

The truSpring home office is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Highland, UT.

Made in the USA

All truSpring solutions have been proudly manufactured in the USA for over 16 years.


All truSpring solutions are produced at our manufacturing facility in sunny Melbourne, FL.



Tee time 

I love golf and technology—loves that I inherited from my father, who was either playing golf, watching golf, or playing solitaire at the golf course after retiring from the early  computer industry. For many years, I enjoyed working on the grounds crew at our local golf club (one of the job benies was free golf), where I learned about the science and care required to maintain the beautiful course. 

Soil science 

At least once each year, we would haul out large core aeration machines and spend a week punching holes in the grass, which left millions of lawn turds everywhere and almost made the course unplayable. A few years ago, I was introduced to an amazing product, exiGrow, that the best golf courses have been using since 2006 to replace this mess. 

Innovations in Green Clean 

ExiGrow and other industrial-strength solutions are based on the world’s only patented acid and alkaline replacement technologies that offer the power of typical toxic chemicals without any of the dangers to people, property, or the planet. In case you’ve forgotten your basic chemistry, acids and alkalies at these extreme levels would melt the skin right off of your hands, but these formulations are certified safe, natural, and 100% biodegradable within 10 days.Not just for the Pros any moreWe couldn’t believe that these naturally-powerful solutions had only been available to big companies and governments for the past 16 years. Immediately, we decided to create home replacements for the most toxic cleaners, and we’re excited to bring you these and many other pro-proven products for your home and yard. 

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Susan Sontag