How to clean a jetted bathtub

How to clean a jetted bathtub

to effectively deep clean bathtub jacuzzi jets you should apply the four basic elements of cleaning:

Chemical Strength, Mechanical Action, Heat, and Time

Chemical strength

A strong chemical solution will do three things: break the surface tension, lift gunk into the solution, and prevent it from reattaching to the surface of your bathtub jets. Zero Bull patented solutions are powerful enough to have been trusted by the world's largest companies and governments for 17 years. No jet cleaner is as powerful.

Mechanical action

This is what you'd call the "elbow grease" of cleaning. In the case of cleaning a jacuzzi tub, the jets themselves provide that action. They help distribute our patented jet cleaner which lifts gunk off the inner surfaces. The powerful jets then flush the gunk out of the pipes and into the tub.


Do you remember being taught to wash hands with warm water? Or have you noticed that dishwashers get hot? Hot water makes the gunk detach from the jetted tub pipes faster. Heat works hand-in-hand with the jacuzzi tub cleaner to lift dirt from the jets so it can be removed.


Chemical cleaners need time to work their magic. Time allows the strong chemicals to do their job and cut through the dirt and re-hydrates the dried gunk. In the case of cleaning bathtub jets - about 15min should work. For heavy-duty cleaning, we recommend also doing a 5min soak, and a second 15min of jets on.

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